selamat datang pacik macik sekalian ke blog saya yang ta seberape niy :)) ini kisah saya nuratiqa:))

♥ plzzz take this note ya sayang ♥

dear readers..
u are free to take anything here..
i really dont mind if u wanna share or copy my entries or my words..
and you can do it without seeking my approval..
and u can do it without crediting to me..
i really dont mind because all ideas i got..its belong to Allah not mine..


bismillah ya allah ya tuhanku sesungguhnya aku memohon kepadamu ilmu yang beermanfaat amalan yang di terima dan rezeki yang baik ya allah ya tuhanku terang kan lah hati ku ya allah , dan terang kan lah hati orang2 yang aku sayangi , bagi lah hamba mu ini kejayaan ya allah kerana ingin menduduki SPM pada tahun ini . hanya kepada mu aku meminta dan aku berserah .AMIN :')

♥ ♥ dices of joke♥ ♥

Life’s a joke. Either you become the laughing subject or one of them who laughs. They are making jokes like nobody business. It’s ok but not until that jokes unto someone else’s rights. Just not right.

The life you have is both lived by chance and choice. These two dices…you gotta play them smart. Because some smart asses gotta outsmart us and leaving us lived by choice…not our choice anymore.

Chance…is now and then passing by, and I don’t realize how many chances they are passing by actually. Like a shooting star. Is it there? I don’t even sure about the saying “Opportunity strikes twice” does resonate in my dices of life.

I'm Sharing Just Now:)

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