selamat datang pacik macik sekalian ke blog saya yang ta seberape niy :)) ini kisah saya nuratiqa:))

♥ plzzz take this note ya sayang ♥

dear readers..
u are free to take anything here..
i really dont mind if u wanna share or copy my entries or my words..
and you can do it without seeking my approval..
and u can do it without crediting to me..
i really dont mind because all ideas i got..its belong to Allah not mine..


bismillah ya allah ya tuhanku sesungguhnya aku memohon kepadamu ilmu yang beermanfaat amalan yang di terima dan rezeki yang baik ya allah ya tuhanku terang kan lah hati ku ya allah , dan terang kan lah hati orang2 yang aku sayangi , bagi lah hamba mu ini kejayaan ya allah kerana ingin menduduki SPM pada tahun ini . hanya kepada mu aku meminta dan aku berserah .AMIN :')

♥ ♥ ingt lagi tak ♥ ♥

.....    HAHAHAHA ...... igt lgi ta ?Today I woke up, and I felt empty inside. This isn’t the first time this has happened recently, in fact for the past two months this is how I’ve been feeling every day. I keep trying to pinpoint what is making me feel this way, blaming it on the fact that I hate my job. Then blaming stress, and then blaming anything I could that wasn’t the truth. However the fact of the matter is, I’m feeling empty because the person that I love is miles away. 
The few months that we spent together were some of the happiest months of my life. Every time you came to visit me, I felt a kind of happiness that I can’t even explain; and every time you left I counted down the days until I would see you again. I fell for you after only knowing you for a few days, and after that I just continued to fall. I loved the simple text messages you would send me every morning, telling me how beautiful I was and how much you missed me. I loved the way you smelled like cigarettes, , and I loved your smile. I even loved your friends; I looked forward to seeing them almost as much as I looked forward to seeing you. You were everything to me, the person who brought me back to life after I had thought my days of loving another were over.

I let you go. Now I don’t think I will ever forgive myself.

I remember when we first started dating,

You make my head feel like a busy, New York City street the second your name lights up on my cell phone.

I don't know what kept me with you for all of those years. I was young, naive, and immature i guess. But i loved you. Oh man, did I love you. I think i would have fought to be with you until i couldn't go on. I would have been content being with you and only you forever and ever. But you didn't feel the same. And to fight any longer would be foolish. You gave up on me not once, but twice, and it broke me down more and more. You treated me terrible in those last few months, as if I were a stranger you never even cared about. You left me a ghost. You left me broken. You left me.

But for some reason tonight, it hit me hard. You know me way too well not to know how to win my heart, even for five seconds. I hate you for making me feel like this. I hate you for what you did to me way back when. I hate you for making me second guess the perfection I have now. I hate you for never really disappearing from my life. I hate you for having the nerve to ever even think I'd take you back. I hate you for your late night texts. I hate you for who you've become. I hate you for it all.

You texted me tonight and said: "I just have a weird feeling that our story isn't over. But clearly I'm the only one thinking that."

And I'd never admit it, to you or myself out loud, but...I've never stopped thinking that exact same thing.

lawak bila igt balek sume neh . ko tadew perasaan ker ? cam haram ouhh . benci gila . hahahaha . :))) gamba neh aku ta simpan dah . buad sakit aty oke :)) suma aku buang . byk sgt gamba . masuk siket jep oke . ta nk bg org yg bace blog aku sakit aty :))


tapi sekarang tidak lagi :)) aku sudah mule lupe kn kaw amin :)) terima kaseh jelaa . 

I'm Sharing Just Now:)

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